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Elizabeth Train Station
Elizabeth, NJ

The train station (circa 1903) restoration is part of the downtown revitalization program. A future possible use for the building is as a restaurant.

The Scope of the Work Included:

  • 30 transom windows to replace totally vandalized original windows
  • Over 1000 custom hand-spun 4" rondelles with custom cast lead filler triangles
  • Architect: Ford, Farewell, Mills, & Gatsch -- Princeton, NJ

The quaint and attractive train station.


The Elizabeth station

Assembling a curved transom, with hand-spun rondelles and custom cast lead triangular fillers.


working on a curved window

A nearly finished curved transom.


almost done with this one

Assembling the largest half-round transom. Note the glazing nails holding everything securely during the process.


assembling a transom

This transom required us to extend our 8' table! It is now ready for soldering. All surfaces of lead came and castings were flooded with solder -- as per the original.


large transom

Outside of the completed windows. Note the flat reflection from the temporary protective Lexan sheet. You can just see through the building to the windows on the far side.


exterior view

We couldn't resist this picture, showing the new windows, and the incredible tower!


the tower
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