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Erie-Lackawanna Rail and Ferry Terminal
Hoboken, NJ

These windows, dating from 1907, are a combination of clear cathedral glass and colored opalescent glass in a neo-classical greek revival style.

The Scope of the Work Included:

  • Photographic documentation
  • Shop drawings
  • Submittals of samples
  • Historic finishes analyses
  • Wood sash restoration
  • Scaffolding
  • Paint removal and clear refinishing of copper mouldings
  • Cleaning and painting of steel T-sections and wood sashes
  • Complete disassembly and re-leading of all 30 sections of leaded glass

The fully restored C6 clerestory skylight. The complete window is approximately 40 feet long and 20 feet wide.


40' x 20' skylight

Scaffolding used to work 30 feet above the ground.

"The high level of integrity and business ethics demonstrated by Mr. Michael Padovan... has repeatedly drawn our interest... project after project."

Mark D. Hall
Hall Construction Co., Inc.



Above the C6 skylight, showing acrylic dust covers and steel T-bars. Note the reflection of the new overhead skylight, replacing the old glass block one.


dust covers

Part of the documentation process, a photograph of the C8 clerestory skylight in place, from above. Notice how the deteriorated cover skylight dropped pieces through the clerestory skylight, and allowed accumulation of some really thick and difficult-to-clean grime.


before restoration

Restored trapezoidal C8 clerestory skylight.

"We can wholeheartedly recommend him to your organization."

Elaine Pierce, RA
Jan Hird Pokorny Associates, Inc.


trapezoidal section

Many more photographs from the Erie-Lackawanna Rail and Ferry Terminal can be seen in the section The Restoration Process

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