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Morris Hall Chapel
Lawrenceville, NJ

The original chapel was to be replaced with a new one, and members desired to save and restore their leaded windows, upgrade their frames to double-glazed aluminum, and use them in their new chapel.

A Priest's chapel was also built that made use of one restored window and four custom designed new windows which can be seen under Commissioned Original Work.

The Scope of the Work Included:

  • 8 windows were completely disassembled and re-leaded
  • Restoring lost and faded painting
  • New aluminum frames for windows

The outside of the new chapel during construction and installation of the new aluminum frames and exterior protective glazing.


while under construction

The original Morris Hall Chapel, while removing the windows.


removing the windows from the original building

The new aluminum window frames.


new frames

Installing the window seen in the above photograph.



Installation of the restored stained glass.



One of the Morris Hall Chapel restored windows.

"Michael handled old, original pieces with gentle care, conducted himself gentlemanly, was always on schedule, honest and within budget."

John Standish Perrin, AIA
The Henderson Design Group, Inc.


restored window

The finished windows along one side of the chapel.


interior side
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