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Museum of Early Trades & Crafts
Madison, NJ

Built in 1899 as the James Library, this Madison Landmark Building now houses the Museum of Early Trades and Crafts. A complete historical restoration (1 year) was just completed this February. These windows are fabricated using mouth-blown antique glass with many painted medallions. The architects for the restoration of this exquisite building were L.W.D.M. & Associates of Jersey City, NJ.

The Scope of the Work Included:

  • 43 windows -- 64 sections (panels) of glass were removed, renovated/restored, and re-installed
  • Replacement of broken and missing glass and re-leading of 17 windows
  • Restoring lost and faded painting
  • Repair of deteriorated sashes and frames, component replacement to complete sash and frame replacement with new bronze weatherstripping

The outside of one set of windows. What an absolutely marvelous building!


exterior of one set of windows

Inside one finished window.


complete window from the inside

The hand paintings of trades and crafts are backed with a sheet of colored glass to give them their varied amber color. The quote under the depiction of an early printing press says "Never leave that till tomorrow, which you can do today".


painted printing press

The quote under this depiction of early astronomy (telescope and planet) says "Science is organized knowledge, Herbert Spencer"


painted telescope
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