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Commissioned Original Work
Liturgical Environs

Oh my, sometimes I wish I could visit every place of worship on the planet, to immerse myself in the glory of sunshine pouring through stained glass windows. What better medium in which to tell a story and provide inspiration?

Even a window that uses no colored glass, like the Priest's Chapel window seen below, refracts and distills the light in a sublimely spiritual way.

Click to read an essay by the Stained Glass Association of America on Selecting a Studio.

Saint Stephens 1Saint Stephens 2Saint Stephens 3

Six lancet windows created for the sanctuary of Saint Stephen's Church in Millburn, NJ, depicting scenes from the Bible in traditional European painted-style stained glass. Each 24" x 96".


Twelve custom-made doors including leaded clear textured and beveled glass at the rear of the sanctuary at the Mount Olive Baptist Church, Plainfield, NJ.



The doors described above. The pre-existing woodwork in the rest of the sanctuary was completely restored as part of the same project.


Custom doors & windows
Beth Israel chapel

Four large (40" x96") windows in the Chapel at Beth Israel Medical Center use mouth-blown antique glass and hand-cast opalescent glass to buffer the Chapel from the exterior courtyard, while still providing glimpses of the life and light outside.

Our studio created and installed the entire hardwood framing system as well, another vast improvement to the ambience of the room.

The windows were designed in harmony with the contemporary style of the room. The design is a celebration of light and glass, using a variety of high quality glass to bend and alter the light in fascinating ways. The collages exhibit a subtle change in color from panel to panel, drawing from the change of seasons. If you like this picture, you should see the real thing! The glass is truly gorgeous.


This Tiffanyesque landscape panel is backlit in custom-designed oak architectural woodwork for the Meditation Room at Runnels Specialized Hospital in Berkely Heights, NJ.

Jersey Art Stained Glass Studio can design, build, and install custom architectural woodwork, as well as create beautiful art glass!


back-lit panel

Close-up of the above backlit panel. This panel uses Tiffany Studio’s innovation of assembling individual pieces with copper foil and tin-lead solder.

American opalescent glass is perfect for these applications, since it has a chemical compound in the glass that aids in evenly distributing light.


Landscape panel

Four double casement windows with custom bevels and mouth-blown crackle antique glass around the perimeter were created for the Priest's Chapel at the new Morris Hall Chapel, which can be seen under Restoration Work.


simple & elegant casement windows

An interesting commission, these two windows were created for the clock tower of the First Presbyterian Church of Cranford, NJ. Unlike most leaded glass, these windows aren't seen from the inside, but rather from a distance (being over 50 feet high) on the outside, in both reflected light (during daylight hours) and transmitted artificial light during evening hours. Special flashed glasses were used to enhance daylight viewing. At the same time, two original geometrical windows were restored, one of which had been at the Cranford Historical Society since the windows had been replaced with speakers for the chimes.

A number of restoration projects for the church can be seen under Restoration Work.


flying angeltrumpeting angel

Two windows were designed and installed in custom light boxes to bring beauty to the pulpit for the Linden Reformed Church of Linden, NJ. The pre-existing windows on the sides of the church are naturally lit.


backlit panel 1 backlit panel 2

The left backlit panel from the Linden Reformed Church. The geometric backgrounds were adapted from the existing windows.


The right backlit panel from the Linden Reformed Church. Both windows feature American opalescent glass, and are 40" x 96".


Three simple geometrical leaded glass windows with etched glass accent pieces for a stair landing at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Elizabeth, NJ.


simple geometric 1

The left and right windows from the above project.

"I have no hesitation in recommending him to the attention of all those especially interested in fine craftsmanship and yet relying on a rather limited budget."

Rev. Francis Dols, Pastor
Immaculate Heart of Mary Church


simple geometric 2simple geometric 3
nunn's residencefrom the inside

The living room of the nunn’s residence was transformed into a chapel. Although the windows are not totally original work, we present them here as an example of an adaptation of old windows re-designed for a new site. The windows were resized both horizontally and vertically, with custom painted and fired glass added.



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