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Since 1947...

Art glass: stained glass, painted glass, leaded glass, faceted glass (dalle de verre), etched glass, engraved glass, beveled glass, and carved glass.

Architectural Spaces: liturgical, public, civic, commercial, and residential.

Expertise: original art and design, fabrication, restoration, conservation, adaptation, architectural woodwork, framing systems, and installation.

Functions: windows, doors, transoms, sidelites, skylights, domes, room dividers, fireplace screens, backlit panels, and decorative lighting.

Expression: traditional, representational, liturgical, non-objective, abstract, contemporary, and adapted styles.

I remember as a boy being in the studio my father Warren Padovan founded in 1947. I was fascinated with all the sights, smells and activities… the smell of soldering and wonder of molten lead… the hundreds of sheets of beautiful colored glass… the smells of linseed oil and kerosene… the glass being cut into delicate shapes and leaded together piece by piece… and the painting of artwork on the surface of glass and seeing it glowing cherry red when being fired in our gas kiln.

I would sweep the floors, stretch lead cames, putty windows, whatever I could do to be there. It was definitely a cool place to be. And since I loved to draw and paint, the sketches and full size drawings of the work in progress fascinated me. I remember finally being old enough to cut pieces of glass for the first time, and lead them together. I knew then, this was for me.

After several years in the Marines I returned home to help my father full time in the studio. I also worked for many years with master glass artist Bruno Clagnon. I was indeed very fortunate to study and learn from them both. In the 25 years since returning to the family studio, my passion for glass has continued to grow.

The art and craft of stained glass has enriched our environments for many centuries, and we at Jersey Art Studio are proud to continue this tradition as a labor of love.

Michael W. Padovan

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