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First Presbyterian Church
Cranford, NJ

Built in 1894, architect Charles G. Jones borrowed heavily from the style of Henry Hobson Richardson (1838-1886). The church is an historic Shingle Style building with Romanesque rounded arches.

The windows are beautiful examples of "American Opalescent" stained glass. The intricate designs incorporate many glass types and textures, a variety of cast glass jewels, as well as painted and fired glass.

The Scope of the Work Included:

  • 24 windows -- 128 sections (panels) of glass
  • Completed as a progression of 3 distinct commissions, over a total period of 3 years
  • Straightening of bulged sections
  • Replacement of broken glass and broken lead cames
  • Restoring lost and faded painting
  • Repair of deteriorated sashes and frames

The fully restored windows on the east wall of the sanctuary.

"It was a massive project. At every step of the way, we were extremely impressed with the work done by Michael Padovan and the Jersey Art Stained Glass Studio. "

Dr. Bruce D. Williams



To see details of the painting restoration of the "Good Shepherd" window, look at The Restoration Process.


working on the Good Shepherd window

The beautiful Narthex windows.


Narthex window

Work progressing on the frame of the rose window.


frame repair

The repaired rose window frame.


restored frame

Almost ready to install the restored rose window!

"He and his crew were very professional and concerned about working around the church schedule. "

Dr. Bruce D. Williams



Outside of the fully restored rose window, which required significant wood rebuilding and repair.


rose window

A view of the restored west wall window.


dove window
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