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Letter of Recommendation
The First Presbyterian Church of Cranford

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April 10, 1995
To Whom It May Concern:

This serves as a general letter of recommendation for Michael Padovan and his company the Jersey Art Stained Glass Studio. I am the pastor ot the First Presbyterian Church of Cranford, NJ. Over a period of three years our church had extensive work performed on our 100 year old exquisite stained glass windows in our sanctuary by Michael Padovan and the Jersey Art Stained Glass Studio.

Each window was removed, straightened, releaded, glass matched where it was missing, and the wood frames restored. It was a massive project. At every step of the way, we were extremely impressed with the work done by Michael Padovan and the Jersey Art Stained Glass Studio. The care given to each window and the attention to detail was very gratifying. Michael was not satisfied until he was able to have an exact match on missing glass and went to great extremes to provide this for us.

He and his crew were very professional and concerned about working around the church schedule. Several times they held off taking a window because it was during a holy season of the church calendar and other times they worked very quickly to have a window back in place for a special event.

The Trustees, Session and the congregation join me in highly recommending this company. If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact me at the church.

Dr. Bruce D. Williams

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