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Trinity Reformed Church

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April 1, 1988
Dear Michael:

The Consistory and Congregation congratulate you on your work of repair and restoration of our Stained Glass windows in the Sanctuary of our church. Hardly a Sunday goes by without someone commenting on the beauty of the windows.

We want to compliment you on the neatness of your labors, continually cleaning up after yourself, and keeping the Sanctuary clean for Worship and weddings. We recognize the difficulty in doing this with a job of such magnitude: taking out and putting in windows.

We also compliment you on keeping us informed as you progressed with the work, explaining in detail what you were doing and why you were doing it. You were never too busy to describe your process.

We also compliment you on your art of restoration. the replacing of glass, the refashioning of the windows and the cleaning and polishing can only be described as a work of art. You are not merely workers, but artisans.

Thank you again, for your splendid restoration and we look forward to contracting you in the future for restoration of additional stained glass windows.

Sincerely yours,
Theodore C. Muller

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