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Initial Project Information

This e-mail form is provided for your convenience when requesting information concerning an upcoming project. You can use this as a guide for information to supply in written requests. All submitted information will be held in the strictest confidence.

We recognize that you may not be an expert on art glass. Any information you supply is useful in providing a solid foundation for further dialogue.

Documentation (including past and present photographs) is extremely important, and will benefit the restorer, the owner, and future restorers 100 or more years from now.

1) Please tell us about yourself:
Your Name
Street Address
Suite, Apt
Postal Code (Zip)
E-Mail address
2) Please tell us about your project:
  Where is the project located?
  What is the project timeline?
  What is the general category of the project?
  What kind of work is in the project? (Check all that apply)
      Conservation (repair, rehabilitate, maintain)
Restoration (return to original form, replicate missing portions)
New creation, new work, or new design
Adaptation (rework for new installation)
Consulting/project management
  What components are in the project? (Check all that apply)
Backlit panel(s)
Framing system(s)
Protective glazing system
Other (please specify):
  When describing your project, what standard of measurement will you be using?
  Please summarize your project: (For example: Number of windows and sizes)
  If this is a conservation/restoration project, please check any known problems:
      Buckled or bowed glass panel
Cracked, bent, or missing sections of lead cames
Broken solder joints
Putty falling out from under lead flanges of cames
Separated tie wires or support bars
Glass separated from lead came
Broken or cracked glass
Missing glass
Painted glass deteriorated
Deteriorated frames (wood or metal)
Ventilators difficult to operate
Protective glazing condensation
Other (please specify):
  If this is new work/creation, please check all of the following that may apply:
      Considering Tiffany/Art Nouveau style
Considering Frank Lloyd Wright/Arts & Crafts style
Considering Victorian style
These will be ecclesiastical windows
Ecclesiastic symbols will be used as design elements
Considering a geometric style
Considering an ornamental style
Considering an abstract/contemporary style
Considering non-objective imagery
Considering landscape designs
Considering figural elements
Have specific subject(s) in mind:
Considering other style (please specify):
  Information about the building, ie: architect, date of construction, donors, makers, previous repairs, old photographs, etc., for new work: architectural style, interior decoration, color schemes, etc.
  Is vandalism an issue at this location?
      Yes No
  Can current photos and/or a videotape be made available? (Both from inside & out, full window & close-up, for new work: interior & exterior)
      Yes No
  Can plans or blueprints be made available?
      Yes No
  What is the best time to telephone you?
  Any further questions or information:
  We’d appreciate knowing how you first heard about us...

Thank you for your request. Click below to submit your information.

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