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Monmouth County, NJ

This client travelled to the Restoration '98 show held in Boston in March of 1998. The show is an annual event geared to products and services for restoration and historic replication. The client was looking for products and services appropriate to the restoration of their Victorian home, and found Jersey Art Stained Glass Studio as exhibitors at the show.

The Scope of the Work Included:

  • One fixed window, 42" x 26"
  • Removal, cleaning, complete disassembly, re-leaded with new lead cames, and reinstallation in original sash
  • We were able to preserve all the original glass by stabilizing cracked original glass with epoxy edge -gluing and copper foiling
  • Re-sized panel and installed with flexible setting compounds to allow expansion and contraction within a flat plane
  • Repositioned saddle bars to better reinforce the panel

Notice the severe bulge in this window. The glass had moved almost 3" in the center. A few pieces of glass had cracked and needed to be edge-glued, the whole window was re-leaded.

This window bulged so badly because it was set too tightly into its frame, along with the use of hard setting compounds that restricted its ability to expand and contract in a flat plane.

Another contributing factor may have been the quality of lead used in turn-of-the-century cames, which was quite soft.


Bulged window

Re-assembly on the rubbing (made before disassembly) after cleaning.

Click here for more on: The Restoration Process


during repair

The finished window displays a musical theme in American opalescent glass.


completed window
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