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Somerset County Courthouse
Somerville, NJ

Built in 1907 of Vermont marble, the courthouse features two skylights, a 10' diameter skylight in the rotunda, and a 21' diameter skylight in the main courtroom. These circular skylights are fine examples of American neo-classical art glass. They are composed of decorative elements set against a geometric background in opalescent glass and cast jewels.

The window renovation was completed under the supervision of the total courthouse restoration project architect of Ford, Farewell, Mills & Gatsch of Princeton, NJ.

The Scope of the Work Included:

  • 2 circular skylights -- 33 sections (panels) of glass in each, totalling 66 sections
  • Completed over a 6 month period
  • Straightening of sagged sections
  • Removal, cleaning, repairing, and reinstallation
  • Minor repairs (straightening) on approximately 80% of the sections
  • Complete re-leading on the remaining 20% of sections with glass repair and replacement
  • Installation of 1/4" safety laminated glass to underside of skylights
  • Cleaning, painting, and reinforcing steel frames

The completed 10' diameter rotunda skylight.


rotunda skylight

The fully restored, beautiful and impressive main courtroom skylight.


courtroom skylight

Installing the renovated 21' diameter main courtroom skylight.

"I would be glad to share our high esteem of Michael with you."

Mark D. Hall
Hall Construction Co., Inc.


installing the courtroom skylight
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